The day I met and fucked Natasha Nice

Model: Natasha Nice
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Natasha Nice looked so amazing when I met her, I knew I just had to have her. Luckily, she was just as DTF as I was. What a special gal! The hot brunette didn't waste any time on chit-chat, preferring to go down on my cock immediately when I pressed record. "It's delicious," she said, sucking passionately and letting her throat sounds do the talking. She jerked me two-fisted and pumped me fast with one hand, but mostly she let her mouth work its magic, and boy did she ever pull off a magic trick when she made that cock disappear! Hitting the back of her throat was like reaching nirvana. She stripped off her bra to let her big natural tits free, and then she smacked my dick on her face while continuing her slurp job with plenty of spit! She looks so fucking gorgeous when she looks up at me! The tight closeup at 4:48 is just begging to be on a loop, whew!

"I can't take it anymore, baby! I have to ride it!" Natasha Nice exclaims before hopping up on my dick to ride me, with her full lips hanging sensuously. "It's the best dick I've ever had," she tells me. Not the first time I've heard those words and it won't be the last! She grinds her clit on my dick, calling it her new toy, and she even slaps it against it, making her pussy jiggle! Oh, I love it! She rides harder and harder, eventually letting her mouth return to the scene of the crime, and then rubbing my dick on her nipples! Then it's back to fucking her pussy and I travel north for a little titty fucking! Doggy style is next on the agenda, and then she's on her knees awaiting her facial, letting it drip down onto her tits, and playing with my cum with her hands! "I want more," she says as we wrap. Should we make her wish come true?

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