Double blessed! Another encounter with Gianna Dior

Model: Gianna Dior
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I gasped in disbelief as I rounded the corner of the grocery aisle and saw her again. Gianna Dior, my sexiest neighbor of all time, stared back at me with those alluring brown eyes of hers. She was out for a run the last time we crossed paths, but this time she had been slated to film with another lucky guy who, fatefully, canceled at the last moment. My pulse raced as I realized I was about to bask in a sultry session with my gorgeous pornstar neighbor. I swear, my luck never fails!

Gianna's place was right around the corner so we headed straight there to get her out of those tight pants for a good spanking! Oh, to have that perfect round booty right in front of me once again. I spread her pussy lips and checked out that perfect asshole too, and then she whipped off her top to put those titties in my face. Once naked, her fingers circled her clit and then I finger fucked her to remember how good she feels inside...

Next up, sweet Gianna Dior knelt in front of me, her tongue swirling around my shaft as she bobbed up and down, making the sweetest throat sounds while pleasuring me like the pro that she is. She hopped on top to ride my dick, moaning, "Oh my God, fuck yes!" The scent of sweat and sex had me so turned on, and I thought for sure I'd bust a nut any second when she flipped around to treat me to some reverse cowgirl action.

Then it was time for me to take control of the situation, plowing her pussy deep with my throbbing cock. "Use that pussy," Gianna Dior cooed, and soon I doused that hairy busy with a that pearly white spray she loves so much. Can I get a part three?

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