Emily Right says my semen is like gold

Model: Emily Right
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Emily Right teases me with a sultry look when she arrives for our special jizz session. "Your semen's like gold... All the top celebrities want your time, so I'm just so glad you were able to fit me in," she says excitedly. I play it cool, but I'm just as excited to be in the presence of this porn goddess!

Emily slips out of her dress and bra, then slides down her panties in one swift movement, before spreading her legs invitingly. Her pussy is waxed and perfectly manicured—I can't wait to explore the depths of this gorgeous woman as I slip my fingers inside her wet slit, where they find their favorite spot without effort! Dayum, that pussy is niiiiiice. Emily's moans of pleasure fill the room as I continue to finger her and lick up the juices that gush from her center. She tastes SO good.

Blonde beauty Emily Right then wraps her lips around my cock, lapping it up like a cat laps milk with expertly timed mouth movements that send shock waves through my body. Her hands support my shaft while she gently and quietly treats me to the exquisite warmth of her mouth. It's not long until she earns the golden cumshot that she came here for. "It's worth every dime," Emily Right purrs as she rubs the golden reward into her soft skin. I step back to marvel at the incredible sight of this stunning woman covered in my seed. She's got my golden jizz, and I've got the golden life!

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