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Model: April O'Neil
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It was a long, cockless year and my good friend April O'Neil (no, not the Ninja Turtle one, though she'd be so fucking hot in that role) could not wait to get some dick. Guess who was the lucky fucker that got to break April's COVID cherry? Yes! Your good friend Chuck, and you know I LOVE to FUCK pornstars that are in good need of a pussy pounding!

April got the jab and like a good student of science was persistent on waiting to the exact 2 week mark for the vaccination to take hold. As per phone let out an alarm chirp, she squealed with excitement knowing this would be the BEST fuck she's had in a year. We both ripped off our masks and threw them to the floor. It was time!

The smile on April's face was something I'd never forget. The pure joy in her eyes and hunger for cock in her lips was making my cock hard as a rock and this cock sucking beauty knew exactly what to do next.

Slowly slipping out of her flowing dress, I couldn't take my eyes off her big beautiful tits. I don't know if there is a God, but if there is, he surely contributed to these 2 beautiful mounds. It was hard to resist squeezing, fondling and fucking in that very moment but April was a very, very hungry girl and I love feeding my friends.

Down on her knees, April wrapped her lips around my cock while slowly stroking my cock. It. Felt. So. Amazing. And the moans she let out with every thrust? My God this girl is a blowjob queen. After letting her bob on my knob for a few minutes, I just had to give her the treat she was looking for. DICK!

Look, I love sharing my tales in story but writing is not my top level skill. You need to watch the video of me fucking the living shit out of April to truly appreciate what a goddess this woman is. The pussy eating, the reverse cowgirl, the titty fucking, the cum shot, and the list goes on.

Go ahead, watch the video yourself to truly understand what it's like pounding a curvy treat like April O'Neil.

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